E-signatures offer businesses a faster, more efficient way to get documents signed. They also provide a more secure and environmentally friendly way to store signed documents. Here are the top 10 ways that esignature can improve your business processes.

Ten Ways That eSignatures Can Improve Your Business Processes

  • Speed up document turnaround times:

With eSignatures, there’s no need to wait for documents to be physically signed and returned. All you need is an internet connection, and you can sign and return documents in a matter of minutes. This can help you get contracts signed faster and keep projects moving forward.

  • Reduce paper waste:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. eSignatures can help reduce your paper usage and save trees in the process.

  • Save money on printing and postage:

In addition to reducing paper waste, eSignatures can also help you save money on printing and postage costs. You won’t need to print out documents or send them through the mail when you can just sign them electronically.

  • Increase security:

Physical signatures can be forged, but electronic signatures are much more difficult to fake. This increased security can help protect your business from fraud and identity theft.

  • Streamline document storage:

With eSignatures, you can store all your signed documents electronically, which can save space in your office and make it easier to find documents when you need them. You can also password-protect your documents for added security.

  • Access documents from anywhere:

Whether you’re in the office or out of town, you’ll always have access to your signed documents when they’re stored electronically. This can be helpful if you need to review a contract or other document while you’re away from the office.

  • Reduce contract errors:

It’s easy to make mistakes when physical contracts are involved (e.g., forgetting to include a signature page). With eSignatures, there’s no need to worry about forgetting key components of a contract since everything is done electronically.

  • Get signatures faster:

Have you ever had a client or vendor who was slow to sign a contract? With eSignatures, you can get signatures faster and move forward with your project without having to wait for someone else to act.

  • Send reminders automatically:

If someone has been slow to sign a document, you can set up automatic reminders that will prompt them to sign it ASAP. This can help ensure that important contracts are signed promptly.

  •  Integrate with other software:

Many software programs integrate with eSignature services, which can further streamline your business processes. For example, you can use integration tools to automatically generate contracts based on information entered into another software program (e.g., customer information entered into your CRM).

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E-signatures offer businesses many benefits over traditional paper-based signatures. They’re faster, more efficient, environmentally friendly, and securer- Plus, they offer businesses the opportunity to streamline their document storage and retrieval processes by storing all their signed documents electronically in one central location where they’re easy to find when needed.


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