Choosing swimwear for the summer is not that hard, but when you have many options, it’s usual to get confused. Everyone has their preference, but sometimes you have to choose swimwear according to its latest tech, quality, and features.

If you like, you can rock your new Kate Bock swimsuit with ease or choose one with a different fabric and design. Swimsuits have always been a hot topic, and today, the fabrics used in the swimsuits are the hot topic.

Many types of fabric materials are good for swimwear; some of the best are listed below with their qualities and benefits. Read on to grab the latest swimwear fabric trends for 2022.

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Below are some of the trending swimsuit fabrics:

Natural swimsuit fabrics

Natural swimwear is made of natural fibres such as cotton and wool. These fabrics are suitable but could slightly lose their shape when wet. This fabric can hold the water and dries slowly, making this natural swimwear less practical than synthetic options. But why do brands make these swimsuits? These swimsuits are great for hanging around the beach hotel, tanning, and playing outdoor games at the beach. This beachwear would look great on a sunchair.

Fabrics like Terrys and knits are made from cotton and bamboo and used to manufacture retro-style swimsuits. You can feel a 1950-1960 vibe wearing this type of swimwear. There’s no other beachwear that can offer this level of stretchability and comfort.

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In short, natural swimwears are great when worn for hanging around the beach and doing other activities than going into the water.

Polyester swimsuit fabric blends

Polyester fabrics can blend with other materials such as Lycra/spandex and have become highly durable since the beginning. You can find hundreds of blends of this fabric, and different fabric mills manufacture various kinds of blended fabrics, especially for the swimsuits. The blend percentage of poly to spandex continuously varies. Your Kate Bock swimsuit could be available in spandex as well.

If you are shopping for the blends in the market, you will hear terms like ‘Spandex,’ ‘Lycra,’ and ‘Elastane’ often. These fabrics have different qualities, and sometimes all these terms mean the same thing. An exception is an eco-friendly elastane which has been just introduced in the market.

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Qualities of a Polyester swimsuit fabric:

  • Durability – highly durable fibre
  • Colour fastness – holds colour very well
  • Cost – affordable
  • Look/feel – softer like nylon
  • Digital print- can print designs easily using the sublimation technique

Polyester can be recycled easily, and you can get polyester from various sources. Hence, there’s no scarcity of this fabric material. It is probably the most eco-friendly fabric you could find in the market.

Nylon swimsuit fabric blends

It would be appropriate to say that this fabric material is the most popular one. The sole reason is its ability to stay soft and glossy.

Qualities of nylon swimsuits:

  • Durability- String fibre with high tensile strength
  • Colour fastness- it holds colour but not as good as polyester does
  • Cost- the price range is wide, but generally, a little more expensive
  • Look/feel- great to touch, softer, and available in various sheens
  • Digital print- not great for sublimation printing, but printed designs last for sometime
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