Do your organization requires professionals who can:

  • Solve business problems efficiently
  • Improve processes and systems
  • Strive to find cost-effective solutions that are still efficient
  • Focus on the all-round development of business
  • Analyses the performance of the business
  • Analyses the competitor’s position and compare it with their own business

Do you know that all of these tasks can be performed perfectly by a single professional who is a certified business analyst?

A business analyst is also referred to as an ‘agent of change’ by IIBA(International Institute of Business Analyst). It describes the business analysis profession as a disciplined approach intended to introduce and manage change to organizations, regardless of their type, be it profit, non-profit, or government organization.

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Why should you opt for a career in Business Analysis?

The most prominent reason for going with a career in business analysis is that the demand for business analysts is consistently increasing all over the world. According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth is expected to increase in the range of 7% for computer systems analysts to 25% for operations research analysts between the forecast period of 2020 to 2030.

Other key roles include operations analysts and management analysts both of which are important roles in business analysis.

Another important reason for opting for a career in this domain is the huge salaries this role enjoys. As of Dec 2021, the median annual salary of a business analyst in the US is around USD 77,218. Though the salary may vary with location, experience, skills, qualifications, and certifications.

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If the facts provided by IIBA were to be believed, the professionals with a CBAP certification are capable of earning up to 13% higher than those without certification.

Moreover, the certifications add value to your resume and enable you to earn huge salaries. For example, a CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) can earn an average salary of around USD 90,000.

What is a CBAP?

A  CBAP or Certified Business Analysis Professional designation is awarded by the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Certified Business Analysis Professional is a designation meant for professionals with extensive experience in business analysis. This certification showcases your dedication to your career as well as the profession of business analysis thereby enabling you to stand out to recruiters and peers.

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According to IIBA, a CBAP certification demonstrates your competencies, knowledge, and experience in business analysis that makes you a highly effective BA professional. Typically, a CBAP with great knowledge and experience in the field is capable of understanding the business requirements clearly. As a CBAP, you are expected to come up with the best business solution for your organization that results in getting maximum benefits.

The most common and best-suited candidates for this certification are System Analysts and Business Analysts. Though a CBAP certification can be pursued by:

  • Professional with extensive experience in business analysis
  • Professionals who possess a CCBA certification
  • Non-BA consultants
  • Product Managers
  • Trainers
  • Hybrid Business Analysis professionals such as Quality Assurance Professionals, Testers, Project Managers, Change/Transformation Managers, and Designers.
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CBAP Eligibility Criteria

To take the CBAP certification exam, you are required to fulfill the eligibility criteria specified by IIBA. This includes:

  • You should complete at least 7500 hours of experience in business analysis in the last ten years
  • Within this experience, you are required to complete at least 900 hours in four of the six BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas, which makes 3600 hours out of 7500 in all
  • You should have completed at least thirty-five hours of professional development in the last four years
  • You are also required to provide at least two references
  • Agree to the Code of Conduct
  • You should agree to the terms and conditions specified by IIBA
  • Pass the exam
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How to earn a CBAP?

Here are the steps mentioned that can help you attain the certification.

  1. Brush up your business analyst skills
  2. Business Acumen: you are required to have a good understanding of accounting, finance, and business principles and the ways of addressing operational issues.
  3. Data Analysis: as a business analyst you are required to know how to collect, track, and analyze performance metrics. You should also have a good grip of data analysis and visualization tools such as Excel, Tableau, and BI tools as they are helpful in extracting meaningful insights efficiently. If you have a fundamental knowledge of some of the programming languages such as SQL, then it serves as icing on the cake.
  4. Business Analysis processes: you should be acquainted with some of the business analysis methodologies including Six Sigma, Agile Business Analysis, or Rational Unified Process on the basis of your industry.
  5. Industry Expertise: different industries have different business requirements and challenges. So, building solutions for a finance company might be entirely different from that of an IT company. Expertise in different industries can provide you with a competitive edge when you apply for jobs.
  6. Communication Skills: no matter what profession you choose to be in, you have to possess excellent communication skills. As a business analyst, you may be often required to communicate your findings and come up with business solutions, so it is mandatory for you to possess mind-blowing written as well as verbal communication skills.
  1. Take up an online training course
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Now, this is the step that ensures that you can pass the certification exam in the first attempt itself. With an online training course, you can brush up on your skills and knowledge regarding the business analysis. The best part is that you can learn the adequate tools and techniques that are most commonly used in this domain.

Expert-led courses make the learning process enjoyable. As far as the course from Simplilearn is concerned, real-life projects make the training interesting and the industry experts make the course an investment worthwhile.


Now that you are familiar with all that you need to attain the CBAP certification, you may wish to start preparing for this certificate. As mentioned in the above step, you should take up an online training course.

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