The open-front extreme diamond brush cutter attachments are a powerful, versatile, all-around clearing master. Brush cutters are primarily used for cutting grass and bushes with a quick turnaround time. For agriculture and gardening, brush cutters provide several advantages. They have a sharp edge for cutting grass and are made of high-quality material. The brush cutter came in different shapes and sizes and was priced according to the end-user service requirements.

Overview of Blue diamond open front extreme duty brush cutter


The extreme duty brush cutter is precisely the meaning of- Extreme! The grad used is commercial for skid steer attachment with a unique deck design that allows cutting 8″ material into the ground level.

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It is available for both high and low-flow machines and requires almost 16 GPM brush mower technology to run smoothly. It depicts that about 50hp large skid steer can run these diamond brush cutters as the same performance for a high flow machine.


This cutter offers a 3″ forged drive spindle, the enormous drive spindle in the industry. The amount of safety added to the heavy push will keep the trees and other waste materials away from the operator.

Features of open front extreme brush cutter


There is a lot to consider about brush cutters; knowing the facts has several advantages.

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  • Versatility is added with no sacrifice in performance, allowing users to use the brush for a long time, meaning quality over quantity.
  • It comes with a standard engineered in all facets to be robust, durable, and dependable with a one-year warranty.
  • It is quite a smooth model operation where no other person’s requirement is needed.
  • It serves with a bearing seal protection kit under check.
  • The rear chain curtain control debris discharge.
  • Grease filled against dramatically improves bearing life and downtime due to deal damage.
  • Custom purpose-built motor and relief block out the last industry on standard engines.
  • External cross-port reliefs are protected on motor versus internal relief valves.
  • No rear rollers are needed to bounce off stumps or put waste along. At the same time, open designs are allowed for smoother operations.
  • The direction of cutting allowed for control is the discharge angle doubting the use of the blade.
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What makes this brush cutter better in the industry?


  • Four blades– It requires about 72″ cuts bigger in material and clean mulches while the others run on 2″ and 3″.
  • It does not require a high flow environment– You require less performance or a case drain line.
  • Grease that is filled on versus oil– The direct drive bears in lithium grease that cools and protects the oil very well. Even if a single bearing cut has seized hours, the grease fitting can run with a bad seal.
  • External cross for port relief valves– Relieves motors are used before pressure can spike to another level which cannot get enough across the ports to prevent spikes that are shorter from the engine’s life.
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Final thoughts


The blue diamond open-front extreme duty brush cutter is not only a brutal machine moving from 6″ to 8″, but also the best in the industry. You don’t have to limit yourself and sacrifice quality while you can get the most versatile product. The blue diamond is the most popular brush cutter in the skid steer industry.

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