The Apple Music service, in a bid to add even more value to its experience recently revealed the launch of Apple Music Sessions.


Recorded from one of Apple Music’s many studios around the world. Apple Music Sessions will feature some of the world’s most popular and emerging musical artists. The very first Apple Music Session was recorded recently in Nashville, Tennessee featuring the music of Carrie Underwood and Tenille Townes.


One unique feature of the Apple Music Sessions is that all the recordings are preserved as spatial audio. This empowers Apple Music fans to enjoy a bespoke collection of spatial audio music featuring some of the biggest names in the music industry alongside emerging new talent.

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Providing more reasons to love its service, all Apple Music Sessions are also filmed live so Apple music fans can enjoy exclusive spatial audio tracks with a companion video as well.

Since 2015

Since its launch in 2015 Apple Music has evolved in leaps and bounds and today fans can enjoy over 90 million individual songs with access to an impressive 30,000 playlists. Apple’s dynamic head tracking allows Apple Music fans the opportunity to enjoy spatial audio for a superior listening experience.


Apple Music fans already have access to great features such as being able to download and listen to music offline, consult Siri on all music related questions alongside access to curated radio streams and even live radio as well.

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Apple Music can be accessed across some 165 countries across a range of Apple devices and on the internet as well. Apple Music is furthermore accessible through a mobile app.

Mobile App

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When it comes to music there are a lot of genres and types. Apple Music makes sense of it all with its intelligent algorithm that detects what content Apple Music fans prefer and suggests them suitable music. Apple Music also allows fans to create, save and share playlists and also add their most favourite songs to their very own custom library.

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The high quality lossless format of Apple Music is one of the key factors in its enduring popularity. In addition Apple Music also provides access to artist interviews, exclusive premieres and more. As of 2022 the Apple Music mobile app development had some 98 million subscribers and continues to grow in terms of its popularity and success.


Advances in Android app development now makes it simpler and easier to build mobile applications similar to Apple Music. All the functions and features can easily be replicated and made to work seamlessly across a range of devices.


The Live Radio feature allows Apple Music fans to listen to an amazing selection of radio stations with various topics and content including music and interesting podcasts as well. As the digital landscape of today only continues to grow, the role of Apple Music in providing entertainment to eager digital users is only just starting.

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