Are you looking for some fun, engaging ideas for a party? Consider scavenger hunts for your group. They’re team-based activities where players get provided with ideas to follow, like taking items’ photos, answering trivia questions, and finding other participants. Here are nine themed scavenger hunts to consider.

1. Alphabet Hunt

For this scavenger hunt, your challenge is to find each letter of the alphabet. You can say that each person in your group starts with a letter, and they have to find others who start with it. Also, you can ask your team to take photos of objects beginning with their letter. For example, if someone starts with the letter A, they need to take pictures of things beginning with an A.

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2. Nature Hunt

This is an excellent game for outdoorsy folks. The gist is to make pictures of things found in nature. This can be a bit challenging since the actual images of these things may be hard to find. You can make your image or take screenshots from educational material showing what items look like. For example, your group can hunt for leaves, flowers, plants, and more.

3. Animal Hunt

This hunt challenge is finding animals based on clues like the first letters of team members’ names or hints you’ll provide. Have members look for animals and take photos of them. You can also ask questions about each animal to see if your team knows their basic facts, awarding points for their knowledge of those facts.

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4. Indoor Hunt

This is your best option if you are hosting a party indoors. Using photos of items in the setting of the hunt, your team has to find the correct item on the list. You can provide the list on pieces of paper or display a slideshow on your computer screen. For example, you can take photos of things in common areas or well known spots. Your team has to find the right one by answering some questions about them. You can make it more difficult by adding a time limit.

5. Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

It’s like a nature scavenger hunt, but with items found in the grocery store. You can have your team find fruits, vegetables, and common grocery items. They can take photos of the images and answer trivia about each item. You can make a grocery list for the hunt and then have your team explore different grocery store areas to find things.

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6. Disney Hunt

With your team, you have to find objects, characters, and items taken from classic Disney movies. You can use a scavenger hunt template to help you create clues. For example, you can have your team find objects taken from Frozen, Tangled, and other famous Disney movies. You can also hunt for items with the characters’ names from these movies.

7. Camping Hunt

For a more advanced challenge, you can set up a scavenger hunt that your team has to complete outdoors. They need to find items like rocks, woods, and plants. You can create printable clues with images of what they’re supposed to see. Have your team find things and pose with them for photos or let everyone take pictures of each other. This is a great game to play while encouraging physical activity outdoors.

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8. Superhero Hunt

This is an excellent hunt for superhero lovers! You can have your team find items with the names of various superheroes. For example, you can make a list of superheroes and require every group to find three items associated with the superhero or their name.

9. Beach Hunt

Your team has to find items together, or you can divide them into pairs for this game. You can ask them to list things found at the beach, such as shells, seashells, sand, sea grasses, and palm leaves. Have them find all these items together and then pose for a photo with all their findings!

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Having a scavenger hunt game at your work party can be great fun and make everyone feel like they are part of the team. Enjoy the creativity, activity, and social aspects of any of these engaging searches, which you can tailor to fit the interests of or work goals of your business!


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