The global pandemic drastically changed the way that people live. Global lockdowns have forced people to adopt new digital behaviors and change the way that they work, shop, and communicate with each other online. Here are some reasons why more marketing departments are using SMS and some examples of how it can be used in your business.

1. SMS Used in Marketing Is Here to Stay

Businesses are increasing the rate at which they communicate with customers for marketing. The number of marketing messages sent via SMS is expected to grow in the coming years. Businesses see SMS as a way of building solid relationships with their clients. It is instant, brief, and personal communication.

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Since it is such an intimate channel of communication, typically used by friends for personal communication, it is trusted by the recipients. Since SMS is not used as frequently as email marketing, social media marketing, and even direct mail marketing, it’s easier for businesses to employ it to make their marketing stand out from the competition.

SMS marketing allows businesses to get a leg up in a competitive environment while offering products and services to their customers that they truly need. For this reason, it is a marketing technique that is here to stay.

2. SMS Is Easy to Integrate with Other Marketing Channels

SMS is like that employee who works stellar on their own and works well with others. SMS can produce powerful results when used on its own, but the short nature of the messages allows them to work in harmony with and even boost other marketing channels that may not be performing as well as you had hoped.

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For example, if customers are not checking their email or newsletters because they’re getting lost in a sea of spam, an SMS reminder can help. About 98% of SMS messages get opened. While your email may not be read, you know that an SMS reminding your customers to read their email will be open.

3. SMS Automation Makes It Easier to Keep Customers Updated

The pandemic has dramatically changed what customers expect regarding communication from a business. Many businesses are moving all of their communication and much of their sales online. Successful online interactions require a personalized, transparent, and fast approach to marketing.

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To compete, businesses must keep customers informed about offers, sales, and promotions quickly and efficiently. Text messaging can help. Automated SMS marketing keeps customers in the loop without the business owner needing to send reminders manually. Automated SMS messages increase customer interaction and can be the difference between a sale being made and a sale being lost.

4. Collect Feedback

Good customer interaction should be a two-way street. Sending feedback requests to your customers via SMS allows them to post reviews and comment on your company’s service. This customer feedback can be shown on your website, allowing other customers to benefit from it in the future. Collecting feedback via SMS will enable you to show that you are a superior vendor, care about your customers, and are interested in hearing their experiences with you and your brand.

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5. More Industries Are Adopting SMS Messaging

If you are already using SMS as part of your marketing strategy, or if you are looking into it, it might seem like every other business in the world is doing the same thing. The reality is that many industries have yet to discover their advantages. However, as the success of SMS messaging marketing becomes more apparent, more brands will hop on the bandwagon. Now is the time to take advantage of this powerful tool, giving your business the edge to set it apart from the competition.

6. Give Your Customers New Experiences

SMS marketing allows you to introduce your customers to new experiences with your brand. It lets you take your customer care department and turn it into something that generates revenue. Far from being outdated, the use of SMS in marketing is a trend that has made a comeback and is leading the way in digital marketing techniques.

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SMS Is the Way to Go

Short SMS messages convert leads, hold onto customers, and boost sales. If you’re not using this powerful tool to help current and prospective customers, now is a great time to give SMS for business messaging a chance.


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